• Streamlined Cryogenic Sample Management with RFID Tagging Technology
    RITrack Mirage 2D barcoded tube whole rack reader.

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Streamlined Cryogenic Sample Management with RFID Tagging Technology

May 17 2023

Introducing the RITrack Mirage 2D Barcoded Tube Whole Rack Reader, a groundbreaking innovation in cryogenic sample management, brought to you by Ziath, an Azenta Life Sciences company.

The RITrack Mirage utilises proprietary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging technology to streamline the identification of frost-covered racks of 2D barcoded tubes from low-temperature storage. This cutting-edge technology enables reliable reading of 2D barcoded racks even when covered in ice or taken directly from vapour-phase liquid nitrogen storage. With the RITrack Mirage, there is no longer a requirement to thaw out the rack, thereby eliminating the risk of sample degradation for thermally sensitive samples while ensuring seamless sample rack identification.

Through rigorous testing, RITrack RFID technology has demonstrated remarkable durability, withstanding over 10,000 immersions and retrievals from vapour-phase liquid nitrogen without any data loss or physical deterioration. This exceptional performance makes RITrack an ideal solution for all types of traceable, long-term cryogenic sample storage needs.

Achieve cost-effective and dependable performance with RITrack tags for long-term rack use. Designed to seamlessly integrate with standard laboratory consumables, the system eliminates the need for expensive dedicated racks. Inserting RITrack tags into existing SBS-format racks is a breeze using the user-friendly tag insertion tool, ensuring a secure and snug fit in nearly all moulded SBS format tube racks.Top of Form

RITrack data is swiftly stored in the tag using the Ziath Mirage camera-based rack reader with the Ri-Track antenna module. After the initial storage, the Android or Apple DP5 RITrack App on NFC-equipped phones effortlessly reads the tag information. This enables convenient identification of individual tubes in the frozen rack, displaying their exact location and complete identity in a user-friendly format.

With the latest advancement in technology, reading cryogenic racks has become incredibly convenient. Now, all you need to do is open the freezer, withdraw a rack, and effortlessly present it to your smartphone. Instantly, you'll have access to view all the available tubes within that rack. This exciting development eliminates the need to transport cold racks back to the lab for reading. Additionally, the App's Pick List function enables technicians to conveniently check-off tubes from multiple racks right in front of the freezer, resulting in significant time savings.

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