• Streamline decision-making and enhance collaboration through digital tools


Streamline decision-making and enhance collaboration through digital tools

Feb 02 2024

The days of pen-and-paper journals and lab notebooks are over. Documenting data remains essential, but you must also be able to find and access useful data at the right time. Digital tools like data analysis software are increasingly being leveraged for easier accessibility to data and to make effective data-driven decisions faster. Vendor-neutral and platform-agnostic software tools like those within ACD/Labs’ Spectrus platform allow organisations to maximise their investment and provide a standardised solution to capture, unify, store, and access data.

Harmonise data for easier collaboration

In multi-instrument, multi-vendor labs, data processing with the individual instrument software means scientists must learn and use multiple interfaces - this is not only a significant time and training burden but can also result in data siloes. Without appropriate digital tools, data can be fragmented and hard to find. Applications within the Spectrus platform integrate multiple file formats and data types into a single interface, allowing data continuity. With options for browser or desktop-based deployment, standardised data is readily accessible, making collaboration easier and faster. Consistency and reproducibility of data are further enhanced by the creation of shareable report templates.   

Make effective data-driven decisions

Applications on the Spectrus platform allow the creation of centralised, assembled databases containing live analytical and chemical information. These archives of complete interpreted knowledge give scientists access to all pertinent information at their fingertips, empowering them to make confident, informed decisions. Databases can be easily searched by structure, spectra, or text-based queries, and the results can be reviewed and re-processed - enabling scientists to gain new insights into their analytical data.

The use of appropriate digital tools empowers data accessibility - making collaboration easier and enabling scientists to preserve and leverage knowledge for future projects, data science, and deeper insights.

Learn more about browser-based analytical data processing and trial it for free.

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