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Advanced thermal desorption spectrometry series

Jul 09 2024

Hiden Analytical, a global leader in scientific instrumentation, presents the TDSLab Series, the next generation in thermal desorption spectrometry. The TDSLab Series, which includes the TDSLab-6, TDSLab-9, and TDSLab-20 systems, features a range of advanced options designed to meet the diverse needs of modern scientific research and industrial applications.

Dr Dane Walker, Technical Marketing Manager at Hiden Analytical, emphasised the significance of these features: “The TDSLab Series integrates cutting-edge technology to provide precision and versatility. Each system is designed to enhance the capabilities of researchers across various fields.”

The TDSLab Series offers exceptional measurement accuracy, enabling detailed analysis of material properties and impurities. It features advanced temperature control, capable of reaching up to 1000°C, providing precise temperature management essential for UHV thermal analysis experiments. Each model is equipped with a triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer, ensuring high sensitivity and selectivity in mass spectrometry. The systems also boast versatile sample handling with flexible sample holders and transfer mechanisms, accommodating a wide range of sample types and sizes, enhancing experimental versatility. Additionally, the TDSLab Series utilises TPDsoft software for real-time data acquisition and analysis, simplifying complex data interpretation. Multiport UHV chambers minimise background interference, ensuring accurate and reliable results. The TDSLab-9, in particular, is capable of handling up to 20,000 amu, making it ideal for complex sample analysis. The TDSLab-20 features precision isotope analysis, offering ultra-high resolution for detailed isotope separation and analysis.

Dr Walker added: These features make the TDSLab Series a powerful tool for applications such as thin film research, photovoltaic studies, hydrogen embrittlement analysis, semiconductor research, and nuclear fusion investigations. Hiden Analytical's commitment to innovation ensures that researchers have access to the most advanced tools available.”

The TDSLab Series is designed to support ground-breaking research and drive advancements in material science and engineering. Hiden Analytical invites researchers and industry professionals to explore the capabilities of the TDSLab Series and discover how these systems can enhance their research outcomes.

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