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Raman Spectroscopy

Metrohm means... spectroscopy

Sep 20 2023

> 250 application notes for near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy in different industries
> 150 near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy experts from Metrohm around the world to help you wherever you are

The Metrohm brand has earned a reputation synonymous with precision, durability, and unwavering commitment to advancing technology. This ethos extends to our spectroscopy portfolio, a testament to our dedication to excellence. Within this portfolio, you'll discover state-of-the-art near-infrared (NIR) and Raman spectrometers meticulously designed to cater to the demands of laboratory, process, and field operations. Our solutions, like the facets of the spectroscopy market they serve, are both versatile and innovative.

In the realm of laboratory spectroscopy solutions, our benchtop Raman systems cater to an array of industries. These industries range from academic research to the standards of pharmaceuticals and the meticulous intricacies of forensic analysis. With our portfolio of laboratory NIR spectroscopy systems we offer pre-calibrated solutions suitable for both liquid and solid sample analyses.

Our Raman systems for process analysis features a 785-nm laser and offers flexible sampling options for fast and simple measurements. We bring NIR spectroscopy to the process. Our 2060 The NIR Analyser provides accurate results every 10 seconds!

The power of high-tech analysis residing in the palm of your hand. Our handheld Raman spectrometers open up a world of possibilities, enabling rapid identification of substances in diverse settings. Whether you're dealing with the detection of illicit street drugs, assessing the presence of pesticides in food products, enhancing border security measures, or ensuring the integrity of pharmaceuticals, our handheld Raman devices are the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable substance identification.

At Metrohm, we understand that precision, adaptability, and technological prowess are paramount in the world of spectroscopy. Our commitment to delivering instruments that exceed expectations is reflected in our diverse portfolio of spectroscopy solutions, catering to the unique needs of laboratories.

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