• Highly reliable Raman fibre amplifiers for enhanced stability

Raman Spectroscopy

Highly reliable Raman fibre amplifiers for enhanced stability

Feb 02 2024

Toptica introduces a breakthrough in laser technology with the launch of their highly reliable Raman Fibre Amplifiers (RFA). These amplifiers are built on patented technology, offering a high power boost of up to 30 W. Unlike traditional Yb or Er fibre amplifiers, the RFA covers a specific wavelength range from 1120 to 1370 nm, providing unique capabilities.

The design of the RFA is entirely fibre-based, eliminating the need for re-alignment and ensuring a high level of stability. This feature makes it a low-maintenance and dependable platform for various applications. The RFA offers a wide tuning range of up to 10 nm, maintaining a relative intensity noise of less than 1% RMS (10 Hz-10 MHz). Additionally, it exhibits excellent long-term RMS power stability, with fluctuations of less than 0.5% over 100 hours when paired with a TA pro seed laser. Custom systems for wavelengths beyond this range are available upon inquiry.

Key features of the RFA include its impressive power output of up to 30 W and availability at wavelengths ranging from 1120 to 1370 nm. With a wide tuning range of up to 10 nm, the RFA provides flexibility for diverse applications. The design emphasises high reliability, and the maintenance-free platform ensures consistent performance over time.

The RFA seamlessly integrates with Toptica's proven DL pro or TA pro seed lasers, offering compatibility with various wavelength stabilisation options. Users also have the option to integrate a third-party seed laser based on their specific requirements.

For applications requiring visible and UV wavelengths, the RFA can be combined with Toptica's SHG & FHG portfolio, enabling frequency doubling and quadrupling systems. This integration allows achieving high power in visible wavelengths, such as more than 15 W at 589 nm, while maintaining tunability across the entire RFA range. For UV wavelengths, combining RFAs with FHG systems leverages Toptica's extensive experience in custom (D)UV systems, preserving full tunability.

The system comprises two modules: the Fibre Pump Module, which provides pump light for the RFA module, and the Raman Fibre Amplifier Module, the high-power amplifier module with inputs from both the pump module and the seed laser.

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