• Compact Raman spectrometer line for enhanced sensitivity

Raman Spectroscopy

Compact Raman spectrometer line for enhanced sensitivity

Jan 25 2024

Wasatch Photonics introduces the WP Raman X series, a ground-breaking line of compact Raman spectrometers and systems designed to elevate performance in medical diagnostics, materials research, food quality, security, authentication, and environmental applications.

The X series replaces the widely-used WP Raman spectrometers, featuring patented VPH gratings and a robust optical bench for superior sensitivity and flexibility. Its refined design streamlines manufacturing and offers a unified optomechanical configuration.

The X series covers 532, 638, 785, 830, and 1064 nm excitation wavelengths with 10 cm-1 resolution. High NA optical design and VPH transmission gratings ensure high sensitivity and throughput at a fraction of the size and cost.

Users can customise f/1.3 or f/1.8 input aperture, detector cooling, slit size, and sample coupling. Models include standalone spectrometers, integrated laser spectrometers, fully integrated Raman systems, and OEM versions.

Designed with ‘design for manufacturing’ principles, the X series facilitates a seamless transition from research to OEM module, ensuring consistent performance and accelerating time-to-market for application-specific instrument manufacturers.

Dr David Creasey, CEO of Wasatch Photonics, commented: "The X series was created to give researchers and innovators the sensitivity, reproducibility, and configurability they need to confidently answer complex questions and bring their solutions to market more rapidly."

The X series is available for immediate sale in laboratory and OEM modules, configurable for 532, 638, 785, 830, and 1064 nm Raman spectroscopy.

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