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Next-Generation Benchtop LC-MS System

May 30 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc have announced the Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus system, the company’s latest benchtop liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) system for high-throughput screening, identification and quantification of compounds in complex matrices. Powered by Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology, the standard in full-scan, high-resolution accurate-mass (HR/AM) measurement, the ExactiveTM Plus system extends the capabilities of the Exactive system with advanced signal processing, ion optics and transmission technologies. It features full field upgradeability to the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive high-performance quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS system.

The company showcased the new Exactive Plus system within Thermo Scientific booth 1 and its hospitality suite at the Vancouver Convention during ASMS 2012, from 20 – 24 May.

Like its predecessor, the Exactive Plus system produces full-scan HR/AM data, minimising tedious MS method development and allowing retrospective data analysis. The Exactive Plus system is easy to use, cost-effective to operate and, when coupled with workflow-driven software, is an ideal instrument for routine analytical laboratories. The system has a range of applications, including food safety, environmental, forensic toxicology, drug metabolism/pharmacokinetics (DMPK) research and intact antibody analyses.

Advanced signal processing increases system scan speed by a factor of two, providing ultra-high mass resolution to resolve components in complex sample matrices. With fast scanning, the Exactive Plus system ensures exact mass measurement for applications involving UHPLC. Fast scanning also enables fast polarity switching without sacrificing mass accuracy. Brighter ion source optics and improved C-Trap—to—HCD cell transmission enhance sensitivity and improve low-mass ion transmission.

“When analysing complex sample matrices such as food, LC-MS speed and resolving power play a critical role in determining analysis times and confidence in results,” said Ian Jardine, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for LS-MS at Thermo Fisher. “With compelling increases in scanning speed and resolving power, the Exactive Plus system offers customers performing a broad range of Qual/Quan workflows significant enhancements in sample throughput and quality of results.”

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