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Sep 06 2023

WITec Rolls Out alphaCART

Oxford Instruments WITec has unveiled alphaCART, a portable research-grade confocal Raman system, enabling researchers to conduct on-site chemical characterisation with the same speed, sensitivity, and resolution as WITec's stationary instruments.

This innovative device combines a flexible, fibre-coupled Raman probe with a laser, spectrometer, and laptop computer, all housed in a sturdy portable case. It delivers excellent signal sensitivity, diffraction-limited resolution, and confocality. These capabilities allow for precise measurements both through and within transparent materials, making faint Raman signals visible even in high-background environments. Additionally, alphaCART includes integrated white-light illumination and a colour video camera for comprehensive sample assessment.

Researchers frequently conduct investigations in archaeology, the arts, cultural heritage, and geoscience in remote field settings or secure storage facilities. Similarly, experiments in materials science, process engineering, civil engineering, and gas analysis often take place outside traditional laboratory settings. alphaCART has been specifically designed to provide these researchers with uncompromised analytical capabilities while working in such challenging conditions.

According to WITec Product Manager Thomas Dieing: “alphaCART delivers the full performance of our industry-leading confocal Raman instruments on-site for samples too big, valuable or fragile to be moved. It can characterise paintings under protective glass, be brought into vaults for non-destructive analysis of priceless treasures, and peer through windows into reaction chambers for real-time chemical process monitoring.”

alphaCART utilises the modular design of the alpha300 microscope series, offering access to its complete range of upgrade options and accessories. It provides a choice of excitation lasers with different output wavelengths, including 532 nm, 633 nm, and 785 nm, with additional options available upon request. Users can also configure ultrahigh-throughput wavelength-optimised spectrometers, microscope objectives, and positioning hardware to suit their specific needs.

WITec's alphaCART was unveiled to the public at the RAA 2023 International Conference on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology, which took place in Athens, Greece from 6th to 9th September 2023.

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