• Optical Sectioning Device for High-Contrast and Blur-Free Imaging

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Optical Sectioning Device for High-Contrast and Blur-Free Imaging

May 25 2023

Olympus announces the latest addition to its product lineup - the SILA Optical Sectioning Device. Designed to empower researchers and professionals in obtaining high-contrast images from deep within their samples, this cutting-edge device revolutionises optical sectioning capabilities.

The SILA optical sectioning device combines speckle illumination and HiLo microscopy techniques to deliver exceptional imaging results. By capturing two illuminated images and employing advanced mathematical processing algorithms, out-of-focus light is effectively removed, resulting in high-contrast images. What sets this technology apart is its user-friendly nature, requiring no specialised calibration and making it accessible to users at all skill levels.

SLIDEVIEW™ VS200 v. 4.1 software seamlessly integrates with the SILA optical sectioning device, enabling users to effortlessly acquire optical sectioning images. Regardless of imaging depth, the software ensures consistent optical sectioning capabilities, allowing users to capture stunning images even from deep within their samples.

One of the key advantages of the SILA optical sectioning device is its versatility and compatibility with existing VS200 systems, including those equipped with a slide loader. Its compact design allows for easy installation onto the scanner's fluorescence illuminator. Moreover, the device is compatible with a wide range of sample types, including cleared and fixed cells and tissues thicker than 100 microns, accommodating various magnification requirements.

Conventional detection methods often fall short in identifying transparent and morphologic features on samples, potentially missing critical targets. However, SLIDEVIEW v. 4.1 software now incorporates TruAI™ technology, which excels at accurately segmenting these features and distinguishing them from visually similar structures.

To streamline data management and reduce the data burden, TruAI leverages its selective scanning mode, intelligently identifying the sample area and skipping irrelevant sections. This optimisation of data handling encompasses storage, image uploading, and sharing, enhancing efficiency throughout the workflow.

Users can seamlessly upload their images to the database, effortlessly differentiate between users, and leverage offline visualisation and annotation tools for enhanced analysis and collaboration.

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