• New SpeedMixer Mixes Liquids and 2 kg in Gallon-Sized Container
    New Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC 1100/1500/2000 LR mixes liquid and up to two kilograms in a 'gallon' bucket.


New SpeedMixer Mixes Liquids and 2 kg in Gallon-Sized Container

Mar 13 2023

Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC 1100/1500/2000 LR series

Germany's Hauschild Engineering has introduced a new range of laboratory mixers, the Hauschild SpeedMixer® SMART DAC 1100/1500/2000 LR series, featuring dual asymmetric centrifuge technology that can hold and mix a gallon-sized container. These new mixers have an extended radius for greater capacity and include advanced features such as vacuum and robotics, variable counter rotation, and automatic pot cooling. Users can also opt for sensor integration for temperature and gas, as well as remote control and QR code reader capabilities.

Achieving precise mixing ratios and temperatures within a specified time frame is crucial in research and development laboratories worldwide. Homogeneous mixing without bubbles and controlled or cooled temperatures are essential for optimal results. The Hauschild Speedmixer® SMART DAC series simplifies and accelerates material development and prototyping by ensuring precise and efficient mixing.

Long radius for materials with low specific weight

Mixing materials with low specific weight can be challenging and requires special technology. Hauschild Engineering has addressed this issue by offering an LR (Long Radius) configuration for their medium and large series SpeedMixer® models. The extended arm improves material conductivity in the cup holder. Previously, the SMART DAC 1100/1500/2000 series of large-scale units could only mix a maximum of 0.6 gallons of liquid or up to two kilograms. However, Hauschild Engineering has now introduced an optional Long Radius (LR) for these mixers, allowing for mixing in a gallon-sized bucket. These new and improved ‘mixing giants’ are now available for purchase: SMART DAC1100.3 FVZ LR  and SMART DAC1100.4 VAC-P LR; SMART DAC1500.3 FVZ LR  and SMART DAC1500.4 VAC-P LR: SMART DAC2000.3 FVZ LR  and SMART DAC2000.4 VAC-P LR.

The previously known grammages up to 1 kg, up to 1.5 kg and up to 2 kg remain.

"There is no better way to achieve a homogeneous mixture than mixing with a SMART DAC mixer," explained Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild Engineering, the pioneer of this technology. "Such a dual asymmetric centrifugal mixer works without stirring tools, ensures almost 100% degassing, and mixes compounds previously considered impossible to mix. The fact that we can now master and precisely control the centrifugal forces even when mixing highly viscous materials up to one gallon shows once again that we are among the market leaders worldwide with our almost 50 years of know-how."

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