• Vitl Ther-Mix innovative heater-mixer


Vitl Ther-Mix innovative heater-mixer

Feb 01 2017

The Vitl Ther-Mix is an innovative heater-mixer that offers variable speed and temperature control for a variety of microplate and tube formats. Eliminating the need to stand over samples switching mixing speeds and temperatures within a protocol, the Ther-Mix does it all, allowing you to create your own mixing programs via an easy to use touch-screen interface.

Multiple mixing and heating steps can be input, and once the program is saved, simply attach the Heated Module for the consumable, press play and wait for the beep to tell you the samples are ready. The automated system cuts down on variables, human error and saves valuable time in sample preparations. The Ther-Mix boasts the best thermal results in the industry with heated pads on the base of the module and the lid. This innovative addition allows for equal temperature distribution throughout the sample, limiting condensation and reducing error by increasing accuracy.

Already transforming Nanoparticle research by allowing high precision tests and reproducible data – the Ther-Mix is at the forefront of improving cancer treatments – improving effectiveness and reducing toxicity. Nanoparticles can be engineered to withhold the release of a drug during transportation until reaching the target location, providing treatment potential to many intractable cancers.

The Ther-Mix is hugely advantageous in its field with an unrivalled capacity for nanoparticle preparation and synthesis at a precise temperature. Ultimately, this not only opens previously unopened doors, but shortens down-stream testing time with improved cost and efficiency. 

Over the past few months the Ther-Mix has become increasingly popular in many different areas of research; it is designed and manufactured by a team of professional Medical Device Engineers, who apply the same principles into Vitl’s laboratory products as they do in precision medical equipment. Vitl focuses on providing products that are of the highest quality, with a dedicated and knowledgeable sales and support team behind them; when you purchase a Vitl product, you buy into the exceptional team as well.

The potential of the Ther-Mix is evident, from small academic laboratories, to the largest of research facilities. Ultimately, it can reduce time, errors and inconsistency – which are arguably some of the most important aspects in modern day research.

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