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Light Years Ahead in Flash Point Testing...

Jun 23 2008

MINIFLASH from Grabner Instruments (Austria).
Safety regulations mandate the testing the flash point of diesel, jet fuels, biodiesel and various liquids to ensure safe transportation, storage, processing and waste disposal.

If safety is so critical, why do classical Pensky Martens and Cleveland open cup flash point testers still use open flames and large quantities of fuel for flash point testing? Strict safety regulations in refinery laboratories speak against using open flames close to highly flammable liquids.

MINIFLASH, a smart solution for safe flash-point testing
MINIFLASH from Grabner Instruments (Austria) is a uniquely designed family of flash point testers: A patented detection method measures the instantaneous pressure increase inside a continuously closed test chamber resulting from a high-energy electric arc, thus making the MINIFLASH an unrivalled leader for safety in flashpoint testing. The unit´s continuously closed cup design and small sample volumes of around 1 mL ensure maximum safety, avoid obnoxious fumes in the testing area, and reduce sample waste. Its fast thermoelectric cooling and user friendly design further reduce labor costs. The unit’s compact size and rugged housing make it the perfect solution for virtually any environment, including mobile applications. Models are available with eight position auto-samplers for users that require maximum sample throughput.

MINIFLASH determines the flashpoint fully automatically according to the advanced standards ASTM D6450 and D7094, offering comparable or even better precision than the classical Pensky Martens method ASTM D93A.

Recommended by the industry
Approved by US D.O.T and RCRA, specified for use by NATO, US Navy, US Marines and approved for various ASTM specifications for fuels and oils MINIFLASH is used for such difficult applications as flash point testing of contaminated samples, biodiesel or the detection of necessary replacement of engine and lubricating oils.

With its unsurpassed levels of safety and ease of use the MINIFLASH series was accepted by US Navy and Marines from the beginning. More than 100 units in use underline its performance under toughest conditions. Its small and portable design make the MINIFLASH the preferred instrument for heavy duty environments, such as offshore platforms:

“All units have been very good for us. Very user friendly, efficient and strong enough to last in an offshore environment. I remember the old days for testing flash points and these units are light years ahead in design and ease of use.”

Wayne Russell, MI Swaco, Offshore, Aberdeen, Scotland

Wayne Russell, MI Swaco, Offshore, Aberdeen, Scotland

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