• The new MINIVAP VPXpert Exceeding vapor pressure testing standards

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The new MINIVAP VPXpert Exceeding vapor pressure testing standards

May 04 2009

Grabner Instruments, inventor and pioneer for modern vapor pressure testing, announced the launch of the third generation vapor pressure tester, the MINIVAP VPXpert. Besides strikingly modern looks the instrument is designed for superior precision, outperforming all known vapor pressure standards. Based on “a world of experience” and packed with features, the VPXpert truly is a benchmark for next decade vapor pressure testing.

In 1987 Grabner Instruments revolutionized vapor pressure testing by launching the MINIVAP, the world´s first automatic mini-vapor pressure tester to eliminate operator bias and tiresome sample handling, which up to then was typically associated when testing vapor pressure. Since 1993 the MINIVAP is the US EPA reference instrument for highest precision, using just 1ml of sample.

20 years later, after the development of various new ASTM and EN methods and after the launch of several vapor pressure instruments for different applications such as LPG and crude oil, Grabner Instruments is worldwide and universally accepted expert for vapor pressure testing. This expertise together with customer requirements from all around the world have flown into the development of the new MINIVAP VPXpert.

Designed for significantly improved precision, reliability and performance the VPXpert exceeds current vapor pressure standards and make the instrument customers first choice when testing gasoline, crude oil and solvents. One measurement provides complete and highly precise results for all vapor pressure standards – including the parameters RVPE, DVPE, ASVP/Ptot, AVP/Pabs, Pgas – over a pressure range of 0-1000 kPa. User programmable single point, stepped or ramped temperature profiles and a V/L ratio of 0.02/1 to 4/1 allow for maximum versatility over an extended temperature range (0 – 120°C). Results are available in 5 minutes.

The instruments portable and rugged design, the maintenance free piston drive and measuring cell, a large, durable display and the optional 12V car adaptor have been specifically designed to withstand heavy duty environment and to enable safe outdoor operation. The VPXpert incorporates a shaker for crude oil samples, automated sample rinsing and enhanced dual-USB-connectivity. The innovative Sampling Pro™ technology, a high quality valve design, minimizes the risk of cross contamination between different sample types.

Thanks to an intuitive menu navigation and an enhanced report generation the VPXpert is genuinely easy to operate. At the touch of a button, alarms can be set for upper and lower EPA limits, to backup factory and user-programmed setups or to initiate running of a standard.

Additional information on the new MINIVAP VPXpert is available via web and email

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