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Multiple X-ray technologies integrated in Zetium spectrometer

Apr 09 2015

With up to three complementary technologies on one multi-functional XRF platform, the new Zetium shown by PANalytical is set to change the way scientists think about XRF analysis. The measurement platform holds both wavelength dispersive (WD) and energy dispersive (ED) cores integrated by SumXcore technology; a small spot analysis tool for fast element distribution mapping and the innovative THETA free lime channel for dedicated cement applications can also be included.

 Measuring ED- and WDXRF simultaneously collects all the data on a sample in one run, cutting experimental time in up to half compared to running two sequential analyses. Zetium is the successor to PANalytical’s highly successful Axios range of spectrometers.

There are five specific Industry editions: Cement, Polymers, Petro, Metals and Minerals, as well as an ‘Ultimate’ edition.

The new GaliPIX3D detector for X-ray diffraction (XRD) was shown on the company’s flagship X-ray diffractometer, Empyrean. Boasting pixel dimensions of 60 microns x 60 microns for improved detector efficiency and an overall sensor dimension of 30.7 mm x 24.8mm makes this model a detector of choice for computed tomography (CT) and pair distribution function (PDF) analysis on the Empyrean, said the company.

This new capability will find application in crystallization studies, process chemistry, catalysis and nanocrystallography. By bringing PDF analysis from synchrotrons into the lab, PANalytical adheres to its vision to support laboratory chemists with the materials challenges of the 21st century.

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