• RMS LM and EM Summer Schools July
    RMS President Peter O'Toole (Credit: RMS)

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RMS LM and EM Summer Schools July

May 22 2024

The Royal Microscopical Society is holding its two-day Light Microscopy Summer School at the Biology Department of the University of York UK, on 8- 9 July, covering both the principles of light microscopy and practical issues surrounding light microscopy. After introductory presentations, teaching is predominantly through hands-on practical sessions. Suitable for both novices and more experienced users wanting to gain a greater understanding of the microscope, the Society remarked that participant feedback every year is always fantastic. Students usually come from a range of backgrounds, within both research and commercial organisations. All benefited greatly from the course and left with increased understanding and skills. 

This is immediately followed by a hands-on Confocal Course at the University on 10-11 July. This two day annual meeting utilises many different sample types and fluorescent probes (DNA stains, classic antibody labels and fluorescent proteins) which are chosen to best demonstrate particular problems and techniques. Focus is always on the techniques they enable and the problems they generate, which will be applicable to any sample types. The two days consist of short tutorials followed by hands-on practice.

Day 1 takes participants through the basic principles of confocal microscopy and then trains them, through hands-on practice, how to configure and image multicolour, multidimensional samples using a confocal microscope.

Day 2 builds on the experience of Day 1 and enables participants to try FRAP and spectral profiling. The scientific organiser for both courses is Peter O’Toole, RMS president, University of York.

The Society’s annual Electron Microscopy Summer School is taking place in Leeds on 15-19 July. This aims to provide a basic training in both the theory and practice of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The course covers imaging, diffraction and chemical microanalysis, as well as the highly important area of sample preparation. 

The Scientific organisers are Louie Aspinall, University of Leeds; Nicole Hondow, University of Leeds and and Rik Brydson, RMS Vice President, University of Leeds.

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