• Anniversary Marks 25 Years of Technical Development
    Shimadzu celebrates triple anniversary

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Anniversary Marks 25 Years of Technical Development

Jul 16 2022

Analytical instrumentation company Shimadzu celebrates 2022 with a triple anniversary that highlights 25 years of operation by its technical offices (TBs) in Munich and Hanover and 15 years for its Shimadzu Deutschland organisation. Founded as a separate entity Shimadzu Deutschland unites sales headquarters in Duisburg with six regional offices in Berlin, Hanover, Jena, Munich, Darmstadt and Düsseldorf,

The technical offices provide short and fast routes to customers in Germany's metropolitan regions; customers are able to experience new systems on site and with the TBs cooperating closely with the Duisburg headquarters, they also benefit from rapid information exchange and access to experts, as well as other services.

Initially founded as an independent engineering office, Munich TB has grown from nine employees to almost 30 and serves the city’s manufacturing and high-tech industries, as well as the metropolitan area’s science and biotech landscape. The region generates over 50 % of Bavaria's GDP and concentrates nearly half of all workplaces in Bavaria.

With 16 employees, Hanover TB serves the Hanover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg metropolitan region, which with four million people, is home to manufacturing industries as well as scientific and research institutions. The location also has a concentration of companies that are among the largest developers, producers and suppliers in the mobility sector.

"New technologies, materials and processes always require innovative analytical approaches to ensure consumer and environmental protection as well as product safety," said Dr. Florian Geistmann, managing director of Shimadzu Deutschland. "Digitalisation, automation and miniaturisation in particular, are important drivers of innovation in laboratory technology: they provide deeper insights and findings, make analyses safer and increase productivity."

Shimadzu's chromatography, spectroscopy, TOC, spectrometry and materials testing solutions are used in science and engineering, and in almost every manufacturing industry. "These include the chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, food and beverage, advanced manufacturing and automotive, semiconductor and plastics industries," added Dr Geistmann. "The systems are used in research and development as well as in process and quality control."

With its own showroom, demonstration facilities and space for conferences and meetings, the Duisburg location has grown from just under 60 to more than 160 employees, over the last 15 years, with sales having increased from 19 million euros to over 40 million.

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