• AU$5.4 Million Wellcome Grant Funds Typhoid Vaccine Study
    The grant has been awarded to conduct clinical studies for the use of a typhoid vaccine on Vaxxas' proprietary needle-free vaccine patch technology platform.

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AU$5.4 Million Wellcome Grant Funds Typhoid Vaccine Study

Aug 31 2023

Vaxxas, a clinical-stage biotech firm pioneering a needle-free vaccine patch, announced a AU$5.4 million grant from Wellcome, a global charitable foundation, for a Phase I trial of a potential second-generation typhoid vaccine using Vaxxas' proprietary high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) platform. The project is set to conclude within two years.

The typhoid vaccine on the HD-MAP will be formulated based on an approved typhoid conjugate vaccine, jointly developed by Vaxxas' collaborator SK bioscience and the International Vaccine Institute. This formulation will remain stable at higher temperatures than traditional needle and syringe vaccinations.

The HD-MAP's improved thermostability holds promise for reducing the cost and complexity of cold-chain distribution, benefiting lower- and middle-income countries' vaccine accessibility. Additionally, the HD-MAP's user-friendliness could simplify administration, potentially leading to self-administration, thereby increasing global access to the typhoid vaccine.

Wellcome's Senior Research Manager, Pierre Balard, stressed the importance of innovative vaccines to enhance access and coverage in disease prevention. He commended Vaxxas' HD-MAP as a promising tool in this endeavour.

Vaxxas is committed to advancing clinical programs that harness HD-MAP's benefits for various vaccines. The initiative builds on HD-MAP's progress in human clinical studies with other vaccine candidates including COVID-19 and influenza.

Vaxxas CEO David Hoey expressed excitement about leveraging HD-MAP to enhance typhoid vaccination. He believes HD-MAP could extend the global reach of typhoid conjugate vaccines.

SK bioscience, also a vaccine provider for flu and other diseases, initially received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for its typhoid vaccine. The vaccine's safety and immunogenicity led to approval for exportation and anticipated WHO Prequalification this year. Clinical trials also demonstrate its single-dose effectiveness for infants aged six months to two years.

SK bioscience CEO Jaeyong Ahn stated the collaboration with Vaxxas could overcome vaccine administration challenges. They aim to develop formulations for human health in cooperation with international organisations such as Wellcome and Vaxxas.

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