• Launch brings new era for quantum computing in Finland
    Antti Vasara, VTT's President and CEO and Jan Goetz
  • President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö visits VTT’s new 20-qubit quantum computer.

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Launch brings new era for quantum computing in Finland

Oct 31 2023

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Espoo) and IQM Computers have announced successful completion of a 20-qubit superconductive computer providing scalability along with increased power for solving complex problems.

“We have, for example, improved integration methods and signalling,” said VTT’s research manager Pekka Pursula. “We have also developed manufacturing and packaging methods that allow a greater number of qubits to be placed on a single silicon chip and to conduct their electrical signals at temperatures close to absolute zero.”

Advances in quantum technology and computing are expected to enable societies to overcome challenges that are impossible for contemporary supercomputers, including pandemics similar to COVID-19.

Having completed its first 5-qubit model in 2021, the newly launched version represents the second stage of Finland’s ambitious goal to build three quantum computers in four years relying solely on domestic industry. The project was supported by EUR 20.7 million from the Finnish government, which also announced a budget of EUR 70 million for continued development to scale up the quantum computer towards 300 qubits.

“We have set ourselves very ambitious goals to build three quantum computers in four years, relying on our domestic industry. Our first goal was to complete a 5-qubit quantum computer, and now we have reached our second goal of a 20-qubit quantum computer. Furthermore, development of a 50-qubit one is already underway,” said Antti Vasara, VTT’s President and CEO.

CEO and Co-founder of IQM Quantum Computers Dr. Jan Goetz said: "We are proud of this moment. It is a pivotal achievement in our journey for our team, Finland, and the European quantum ecosystem. This is not just a testament to working with partners in the ecosystem, but also to our technological capabilities. The launch of the 20-qubit quantum computer represents a significant step and we are now on track for the development of the next generation of processors with 54 qubits and more for customers. As IQM is a European quantum leader contributing to the strategic European agenda, we will continue to promote collaboration and engage various stakeholders to drive more investments in supporting the ecosystem in scaling up and becoming more competitive."

VTT and IQM plan to complete the upgrade by the end of 2024. 

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