• IMS Mass Spectrometer Installed at Aston University
    Pictured from left to right, Dr. Ivana Milic, a postdoctoral fellow at Aston, Andy Pitt and Corinne Spickett, Professor of Biochemistry at Aston.

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IMS Mass Spectrometer Installed at Aston University

Jan 20 2020

The installation of the world’s first Waters™ SELECT SERIES™ Cyclic™ IMS (ion mobility spectrometry) mass spectrometer, took place during November at Aston University’s School of Health and Life Sciences, where it will support research into the biology of human diseases, the discovery of new therapeutics and advances in biotechnology.

The instrument will be used by researchers at Aston University (Birmingham) and across the Midland Innovation consortium to answer complex biological questions. A visiting researcher programme will also allow scientists from many disciplines access to the technology.

Andrew Pitt, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Biology, at Aston said: “We are delighted to have this new technology in our lab here at Aston; it will provide us and other researchers in the Midlands with a step change in how we conduct our research.

“The new instrument is one of a relatively recent class of mass spectrometers, incorporating ion mobility, which separate molecules based not only on their mass but also by their shape. This allows us to see what is going on in biology in much more detail, including information we are able to gain from the shape of molecules that will allow us to solve much more complex questions.”

Jim Langridge, Advanced MS Technologies Waters Corporation said: “Human biology is extraordinarily complex and the SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS gives research scientists the ability to probe deeper into the chemistry and biology of human disease like never before. By collaborating with leading researchers like Professor Pitt, we continually advance the science of mass spectrometry, accelerating their research into human health and well-being.”

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