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Automated sample prep for streamlined chromatography

Oct 12 2023

Tecan has introduced Resolvex Prep, an innovative mid-range benchtop automation solution tailored for chromatography sample preparation. This new instrument is poised to significantly improve the efficiency, precision, and dependability of chromatography sample preparation, bearing considerable relevance for analytical chemistry, proteomics, and applications within the field of biomedical research.

Sample preparation for chromatography is a critical and technically intricate undertaking. Even slight variations can profoundly affect downstream assays. Through the automation of this process, laboratories can not only save valuable time and resources but also bolster the reliability of their outcomes.

Specifically designed for chromatography workflows, Resolvex Prep is ideally suited for LC-MS sample preparation. It offers the capability to process a wide range of batch sizes, spanning from five to 100 samples. As such, it is particularly well-suited to medium-throughput laboratories. Moreover, it presents a cost-effective solution for enhancing both productivity and sample quality.

Resolvex Prep effectively addresses numerous challenges associated with chromatography sample preparation. By employing direct displacement pipetting, it mitigates the risks connected with volatile solvents. Additionally, it accommodates sealed sample tubes to prevent evaporation during processing. Notably, this automated system contributes to mitigating the existing shortage of trained laboratory personnel and is in compliance with chain of custody requirements.

A distinctive feature of Resolvex Prep is its fusion of high-quality, precision-engineered hardware with user-centric software characterised by its user-friendliness. The system can be mastered in less than an hour, and its robust yet adaptable configuration streamlines efficiency while minimising the potential for human error, ultimately resulting in precise and dependable outcomes.

Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President of Lab Automation at Tecan, remarked: "We're very pleased to be launching this new instrument. Bringing automation to the critical task of LC-MS sample prep will accelerate progress in a whole range of applications, from MS-based proteomics to biologics quality control, as well as food and environmental testing. It's another contribution Tecan is making to help scale healthcare innovation globally."

The versatility of Resolvex Prep makes it an invaluable addition to analytical laboratories across various domains, including pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, food and beverage, forensics, and quality control processes.

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