• -86º ULT Freezer Increases Average Performance by 20%
    Telstar Boreas is a new range of ecological -86ºC ultra-low-temperature freezers.

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-86º ULT Freezer Increases Average Performance by 20%

Jun 09 2022

Telstar Boreas is new range of ecological -86ºC ultra-low-temperature freezer designed to increase average performance by 20%. An innovative mechanical design enhances robustness, efficiency, and ergonomics as well as ensuring the integrity of the cold preservation process. The new ultra-low-temperature freezer has been created to reinforce the reliability and integrity of the cold preservation process, in addition to further minimise any potential risk from a technical perspective such as, mechanical breakage rates, disruptions, obstructions, and provides an extended lifetime to the whole equipment. It also enables long term specimen storage, which must be done at temperatures below -70ºC as specified by the WHO and CDC in recent publications.

Equipped with VIP vacuum panels, the ultrafreezer guarantees the highest level of thermal insulation and maintains a temperature of -80ºC with ambient temperatures up to +28ºC. Unlike standard freezers designed with panels based on polyurethane foam, a thinner inner insulation provides Boreas with an enlarged storage capacity of up to 30% as well as up to 60.000 vials in less than a square meter (U830). The whole interior of the Boreas series for both upright and chest models, including the main door interior, all internal compartment doors, and shelves are made from AISI 304 Stainless Steel for maximum sample safety.

The equipment also offers specific characteristics in the door locking and blocking processes, besides a new access mode to the pre-filters zone, a greater chamber space and the location of the electrical box. New door hinges located in the outside of the body have been adapted to ensure a solid closing system that, together with the integration of two new door magnetic seals, protects from the amount of ice within the freezer. At the same time, a bigger inner chamber radius offers greater uniformity and an electrical box located to the side guarantees better airflow which allows for better service access and reliability. Furthermore, a direct access pre-filter without the need to open the door prevents accumulation of ice inside of the freezer.

Under the green line concept, Telstar Boreas ultra-low-freezer uses high purity natural refrigerant CFC free gases that contribute to environment preservation.  It also offers lower power consumption and low noise level (< 50 dB(A)) in a small footprint, which enables a more optimised freezer layout and the flexibility to adapt to any space. Particularly designed for use in R&D laboratories, hospitals and research centres, the line has been developed using Telstar’s in-house cold storage technology.