• Remote Controlled ULT Freezers for Laboratory and Medical Use
    Remote controlled ULT freezers from Daihan Scientific Group.

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Remote Controlled ULT Freezers for Laboratory and Medical Use

Dec 12 2022

Daihan Scientific Group is a laboratory instrument and medical device distribution, manufacturing, and total service company in South Korea.

-95ºC DuoFreez™ double security freezing system

DAIHAN® ULT Freezer has built a cold chain for COVID-19 vaccines in South Korea. The DuoFreez™ is an independent dual compressor freezing system that fulfils the most important function of ULT freezers - high stability and robustness. Both compressors work to drop the internal temperature to -95ºC, but should one unexpectedly fail, the other still operates as a 'backup' and protects the sample by maintaining a cryogenic temperature of -80°C. It is a highly efficient refrigeration system that minimises noise, power consumption and operational errors.

Incorporating Daihan Scientific’s CFC-free ultra-low temperature refrigerant ‘DH-MGR’, the system features rigid foamed urethane insulation, inner door insulation, a 3-layer gasket to prevent cold air leakage and intrusion of external temperature, maximising the insulation effect.

Smart-Lab™ remote control system with WiRe™ App

Daihan Scientific introduced the world's first IoT technology-based Smart-Lab™ System at ACHEMA in 2012, which allows users to remotely controls experimental equipment through WiRe™ App. DAIHAN® ULT Freezer incorporates the Smart-Lab™ System, allowing you to check and control the freezer anytime, anywhere with a mobile phone.

The ergonomic 7" full touchscreen LCD displays all key functions and parameters on the main screen and sets them with a simple touch. Data is displayed in high-resolution graphics, saved automatically and can be transferred to a PC via USB memory. WiRe™ Service has a self-diagnostic function that automatically checks for major component failures and alerts to users, service personnel, and suppliers. Storage Management Function (SMF) records the location of samples in the chamber so that they can be easily found on the screen and Samples can be managed easily and safely.

Daihan Scientific produces a wide range of 25~800 litre ULT freezers for -95ºC~-65ºC and -86ºC~-65ºC with 4 or 5-inner doors. -45ºC~-15ºC Freezers, 2ºC~10ºC blood/pharmaceutical refrigerators and 0ºC ~10ºC Laboratory refrigerators are also available, all of which are fitted with the Smart-Lab™ System.

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