• Advanced Benchtop Temperature Controlled Orbital Shakers


Advanced Benchtop Temperature Controlled Orbital Shakers

Mar 29 2023

As scientific innovation accelerates, laboratory directors are seeking ergonomic and compact equipment to facilitate ease of movement within the lab. The Thermo Scientific™ Solaris™ Benchtop Temperature Controlled Orbital Shakers meet these evolving needs with their compact design, offering both large and small platforms to accommodate a variety of laboratory requirements.

The Solaris Incubated and Refrigerated Orbital Shakers operate with reduced noise and energy consumption, utilising 58% less energy than older models that incorporate a traditional compressor design. Equipped with a large, bright user interface, lab personnel can conveniently observe set points and status conditions from any point in the lab. Users can also evaluate shaker performance, alarms, and notifications on the touchscreen display, or export data log reports via USB for future reference.

“Ruggedly built for demanding applications, the Solaris Benchtop Temperature Controlled Orbital Shakers combine a new ergonomic design with key feature enhancements that help save researchers time, protect their process, and drive science forward in busy research and GLP/GMP labs,” said Denzil Vaughn, Vice President and General Manager of Growth, Protection and Separation in Life Sciences and Laboratory Products Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Thermo Scientific's Solaris Orbital Shakers platform has been expanded with the introduction of the Solaris Benchtop Temperature Controlled Orbital Shakers. These shakers are offered in small and large footprints and come equipped with incubation capabilities as well as optional energy efficient Peltier chillers.

The Solaris Benchtop Temperature Controlled Orbital Shakers boast advanced programmability capabilities that allow users to easily store protocols, set up experiments quickly and reproducibly, and share programs across multiple units. The shakers feature a best-in-class touchscreen interface that is easy to read and operate, with a multilingual system that accommodates user preferences and helps to prevent errors. They also come equipped with compressor-free Peltier cooling technology that is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and less hazardous. Additionally, the shakers are designed with easy-to-clean platforms, aiding in better contamination control for a safer and more efficient workspace.

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