• Advancements in sustainable laboratory sterilisation with eco-friendly benchtop autoclaves
    The Astell AMB Benchtop with graphics displaying the Ecofill energy and water saving system.

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Advancements in sustainable laboratory sterilisation with eco-friendly benchtop autoclaves

Jan 15 2024

In the realm of laboratories and research facilities, the quest for eco-conscious and cost-effective solutions has taken centre stage. Astell Scientific has been a pioneer in this domain, championing energy-efficient small capacity sterilisers for nearly a quarter century. Their commitment aligns seamlessly with the growing emphasis on minimising carbon footprints and utility expenses within these industries.

Astell's Benchtop autoclave range stands as a testament to their dedication to sustainability. These autoclaves, available in 33, 43, and 63-litre chamber capacities, introduce both Classic and 'Autofill' versions, designed to cater to diverse operational needs. The ‘Autofill’ feature, a game-changer introduced in the early 2000s, not only offers convenience but significantly reduces water consumption, a crucial factor amid increasing environmental concerns.

What distinguishes Astell's Ecofill Benchtop autoclaves is their independence from plumbing requirements. These units solely necessitate a single-phase power supply and an integral water reservoir fill, enabling up to 15 cycles without the need for refilling. Functioning as a reservoir and collector for condensate and residual water, these autoclaves exhibit minimal water usage, positioning themselves as one of the most environmentally friendly options in the market.

The unique design of the pressure vessel ensures optimal water usage, leading to reduced power consumption and swift heating and cooling cycles, slashing cycle durations by as much as 50% when compared to similar models. This, coupled with the Autofill water recirculation system, cements Astell's benchtop autoclaves as leaders in energy and water efficiency, resonating with the modern drive toward sustainability.

Astell's Ecofill autoclaves symbolise a commitment to creating economically viable, environmentally conscious, and user-friendly sterilisation solutions. As the only UK manufacturer of benchtop sterilisers fitting a 5.7-inch colour touchscreen as standard, Astell provides not just cutting-edge technology but also enhanced safety and efficiency. Users gain the flexibility to monitor sterilisation cycles in real-time, customise cycle parameters, and access historical data for up to 5000 cycles, ensuring both transparency and control.

In essence, Astell's dedication to advancing sterilisation technology not only meets but exceeds the demands of the modern era. These autoclaves stand as a testament to innovation and sustainability, shaping the future of laboratory sterilisation. For more insights into these ground-breaking advancements, visit Astell.com and witness first-hand how these autoclaves are revolutionising laboratory sterilisation.

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