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Empowering excellence in temperature control

Jun 11 2024

We are Lauda – the world leader in precise temperatures. Our constant temperature equipment and systems are at the heart of important application, contributing to a better future. As a full-service provider, we guarantee the optimum temperature in research, production, and quality control. We are the trusted partner in the following industries; Research & Development, Medical and Plant Engineering, Automotive, Semiconductor Industry, Biotechnology, Aerospace & Defence, Chemistry, Medical Technology, Pharmaceutical Industry and the Printing Industry. For almost 70 years we have been inspiring our customers with our competent consulting and innovative solutions.

No matter how extensive our portfolio is, it might not always give your exactly what you need for your application. At Lauda Technology, we can put together custom tailored temperature control solutions such as process cooling units, heat transfer units or secondary circuit units according to your requirements. We produce customised temperature control solutions that we adapt to your needs, in particular, for large Plant Engineering and solutions needed on an industrial scale.

This year has so far been unprecedented – we have two huge new releases - adding to the breadth and depth of our product rage, and scope of support within numerous industries.

Lauda Mobifreeze

Mobile, battery-powered and precisely temperature-controlled and the first mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer in the world

Welcome to the world of professional cooling. Ultra-freezers from Lauda guarantee safe and reliable deep-freezing. The mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer with active temperature control ensures that the cold chain is reliably maintained in intralogistics and for inter-factory transport in road logistics. Thanks to excellent insulating properties, the ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the perfect solution for transporting delicate and temperature-sensitive materials. Many extremely sensitive samples not only have to be stored under validated conditions, but also have to be transported under identical conditions. Our ultra-low temperature chest freezer guarantees mobile, low-temperature transport.

Dispensing with dry ice

The mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the logistics solution for the transport of temperature-sensitive-samples – entirely without dry ice. Dispensing with hazardous dry ice and its requirements (aeration, health protection) not only protects the environment, but also eliminates health risks, as well as the costs incurred when using dry ice. This provides increased safety for your personnel.

Optimum product temperatures from -86 to -50°C

Stationary and mobile hybrid use facilitates safe logistics, even in the event of transport delays, and avoids the needs for transfer, thereby reducing errors and sample contamination. The temperature is easily adjustable between -86 and -50°C with the same consistency as is customary is validated stationary devices. Controlled transport conditions are thereby created guaranteeing seamless integration of the cold chain.

High-performance integrated battery

The high-performance battery permits flexible switching between mains and battery power. As soon as the battery is connected to the mains, the device switches to mains power and the battery is charged up within a short time. The battery has a life of up to four hours at a working temperature of -80°C.

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Lauda Ultratemp

High performance for a wide range of requirements

With heating and cooling outputs of 25kW, 35kW or 50kW, the Ultratemp devices are designed to quickly heat up or cool down large volumes. This is particularly useful for typical biotechnological, biopharmaceutical and other industrial applications with a wide range of temperature and performance requirements.

Application-optimised equipment for precise results

The Ultratemp thermostats can precisely control external consuming units within a range of -5°C to 60°C with a high temperature stability of +0.5K, which enables accurate temperature control in the application. The water-cooled refrigeration technology minimises heat discharge to the environment, and the use of non-flammable media such as water-glycol guarantees easy handling and low running costs.

Robust, easy to clean and intuitive to use

The new Ultratemp process circulators combine robustness with simple operation. Designed with protection level IP 54 as standard, they are protected against splash water and are easy to clean, thanks to the high-quality stainless steel housing. They can be operated with non-flammable temperature control media. The device is operated via function buttons and a clear LCD, while the integrated Ethernet interface allows remote monitoring and control via a control station or PC. Furthermore, external components such as sensors (eg. a Pt100 temperature probe) or signal transmitters can be connected.

Suitable for use worldwide thanks to bi-frequency power supply

The bi-frequency power supply means that the Ultratemp process thermostats are equipped for worldwide use. In addition, they are available in an optimised design exclusively for 50Hz. All variants can be operated within an ambient temperature range of -15°C to 50°C.

The Ultratemp process circulators extend the Lauda product range and provide optimum solutions for biotechnological applications with reactor volumed of up to 5,000 litres. The devices have been specially designed requisite high heating and cooling capacities for long process times with constant temperatures of 37°C and can subsequently cool down the reactor content very quickly.

With the launch of the cutting-edge Ultratemp process thermostats, Lauda has significantly enhanced its range of products and confirmed its commitment to innovative temperature control solutions which drive forward productivity and efficiency in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and industry worldwide.

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