• Advanced autoclave technology supports pioneering genetic research at Oxford Science Park

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Advanced autoclave technology supports pioneering genetic research at Oxford Science Park

May 29 2024

Nucleome Therapeutics, a leading UK biotech firm that specialises in decoding the dark genome's non-coding DNA regions to develop precision medicines for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, purchase LTE research-grade autoclave to assist with research.

Founded within Oxford University's BioEscalator incubator, Nucleome has expanded its genetic research with significant investments from Oxford Science Enterprises, M Ventures, Pfizer Ventures, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Relocating from a shared facility at Oxford’s Old Road Campus to Oxford Science Park’s Schrodinger Building, Nucleome needed a reliable autoclave to support its genetic research. LTE Scientific, a leading UK autoclave manufacturer, was selected for the project.

Paul Brackstone, Nucleome’s Director of Facilities, managed the project with LTE’s Sales Manager, Anthony Campbell-Carr. Paul specified the requirements for waste disposal, and Anthony ensured a smooth installation with multiple site visits.

Due to the Schrodinger Building’s small lift, LTE disassembled the autoclave for transport and reassembled it onsite. The Touchclave-LAB 200K model was chosen for its efficiency in steam sterilisation and versatility.

Paul praised the autoclave for its performance, user-friendliness, and efficiency. It has enhanced Nucleome’s waste control, health and safety procedures, and time management. Additionally, it allows Nucleome to sterilise lab coats without damaging them, reducing the need for commercial cleaning and harmful chemicals.

Paul was impressed by LTE’s comprehensive support, from site visits to installation and ongoing customer service. LTE’s proactive approach, competitive pricing, and high-quality equipment ensured a smooth project. Paul highlighted LTE’s quick response to issues and helpful guidance, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

LTE Scientific’s collaboration with Nucleome Therapeutics exemplifies effective teamwork and high-quality service. The Touchclave-LAB 200K autoclave has become an integral part of Nucleome’s pioneering research, reflecting LTE's dedication to supporting advanced laboratory needs. For tailored solutions and equipment servicing, contact LTE Scientific.

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