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Utilisation of the FMS, Inc. TurboTrace 8270 SPE System for the Extraction of Aqueous Samples by EPA8270D

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EPA 8270D calls for the extraction for analysis of semi-volatile analytes in various matrices. Target analytes mentioned in the method cover a wide range of compound classes resulting in reporting lists that often approach 100 compounds. In aqueous samples, the combination of compound groups such as phenols, analines, PAHs, phthalates, explosives, pesticides, n-nitro-soamines, and others results in a tedious process of multiple LLE (liquid-liquid extrac-tions) with multiple pH adjustments to extract all the analytes. Large elution volumes (>360 mL of methylene chloride) combined with highly volatile analytes, usually result in low recoveries of target compounds and poor analytical precision.

The utilisation of SPE (Solid Phase Extrac-tion) to automate the extraction process can drastically reduce many of the challenges traditional 8270 extractions pose. By auto-mating the process with the FMS 8270 SPE system, extraction chemists, normally confined to a hood shaking separatory funnels, can be freed up to perform additional tasks.

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