• Dependable, Chemical-free Decontamination for CL2 and CL3 Aquatic Research
    The AstellBio Micro is perfect for heat sterilising the wastewater from aquatic research facilities.


Dependable, Chemical-free Decontamination for CL2 and CL3 Aquatic Research

Aug 02 2023

As geneticists and biomedical researchers expand their use of aquatic model organisms, simplifying the decontamination of containment level 2 and 3 wastewater becomes increasingly important. However, most decontamination systems present risks either to the staff, the environment, or the validity of the process. UV sterilisers are difficult to monitor for effectiveness continuously, while chemical treatments risk polluting waterways, degrading system components, and harming staff health.

Heat sterilisation provides an effective method of decontaminating wastewater, and the AstellBio Micro EDS (Effluent Decontamination System) is equipped with features to ensure simple, safe wastewater management. With digital temperature and pressure sensors monitored by a dedicated touchscreen computer, backed up by an analogue pressure gauge and a biowell port for receiving biological indicator ampules, the Micro EDS provides multiple methods of ensuring sterilisation cycles are valid and effective. Its compact design allows for easy placement within the containment facility – placed under the sink in the dirty zone, it is capable of capturing and processing water from both the tank rack and the dirty sink drains simultaneously.

This Micro EDS is one of a range of liquid waste autoclaves and EDS produced by AstellBio, the Thermal Effluent Decontamination Systems company, who produce systems for a wide range of liquid waste consistencies and volumes.

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