• Versatile Autoclaves for Safe, Accurate and Reproducible Sterilisation


Versatile Autoclaves for Safe, Accurate and Reproducible Sterilisation

Aug 02 2018

Once again, Systec GmbH,  a leading manufacturer of autoclaves, including laboratory autoclaves, media preparators, and plate pourers for liquid media and microbiological culture media, will be presenting the highlights of its comprehensive product range at this year’s analytica China.

Systec autoclaves can be used in all laboratory applications, including challenging sterilisation processes: Sterilising liquids (such as culture media, nutrient media), solid bodies (such as instruments, pipettes, glassware), waste (sterilisation of liquid waste in bottles or solid waste in waste bags before destruction), and biologically hazardous materials in safety laboratories. All Systec autoclaves can be expanded with options and equipment on a modular basis, in order to optimise your sterilisation process and implement validated sterilisation processes. Companies can select only the options they need to optimise their specific sterilisation procedure.

The large horizontal Systec H-Series autoclaves designed as front-loading, standing autoclaves are available in 16 sizes with a chamber volume ranging from 65 - 1580 litres.

The Systec H-Series 2D autoclaves consists of 13 models with chamber volumes ranging from 90 - 1580 litres. These autoclaves are specially constructed to be installed in separating walls in a gas-tight manner, and are equipped with two doors.

The Systec V-Series, consisting of top-loading vertical autoclaves (40 - 150 litre standing autoclaves), stand out for their low space requirements and tall usable height, and the Systec D-Series, front-loading horizontal autoclaves (23 - 200 litre tabletop autoclaves), offering an optimal loading capacity for most standard - medium bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks.

Visit the Systec website

Further information on Systec Autoclaves can be found at www.systec-lab.com/autoclaves/

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