• Autoclave innovation helps cut water usage by up to 80%


Autoclave innovation helps cut water usage by up to 80%

Apr 16 2024

Many countries around the globe have seen their water charges rise, with prices varying greatly by location. In some countries prices are set to rise by as much as 18% over two years. England’s ’Plan for Water’ policy paper states that England and Wales currently use 14 billion litres of water per day and will need an additional 4 billion litres per day by 2050. The success of ensuring every nation’s future public water supply will depend upon a twin-track approach: delivering new supplies of water; and reducing water demand. To reduce demand, we all need to use water sensibly and use more water efficient resources. Priorclave stand ready to assist you and your organisation in this endeavour.

When the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the United States of America compared their steam-jacketed autoclaves and Priorclave’s non-jacketed laboratory autoclaves side by side, they found that jacketed autoclaves used in excess of thirty times more water – with no corresponding benefit. In field tests, Priorclave laboratory autoclaves operating costs have been documented at more than 80% lower than same-capacity jacketed autoclaves.

Shape can have a significant impact on performance, given two like-sized autoclave chambers, you’ll find that the rectangular chamber requires a heater rated at roughly three times that of a comparable cylindrical chamber. In practice, it takes about as much energy just to heat a rectangular chamber up to begin sterilisation as it does to run an entire cycle through a cylindrical model. On an annual basis, a cylindrical-vessel front-loading Priorclave autoclave can be expected to use 1/6th to 1/10th as much water and energy as a comparable rectangular model.

To discover how much you could save, contact the Priorclave sales team.

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