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Maximum sterilising efficiency every time

Jun 11 2024

Steam and water jacketed rectangular chamber autoclaves can deliver both faster sterilising processes and drier loads more quickly and reliably. The popularity of Priorclave’s front-loading autoclaves is due to their exceptionally large, rectangular sterilising chamber, which are available in 230L (two hand-wheels) up to Priorclave’s 700L (three hand-wheels) capacity. This makes Priorclave’s rectangular chamber autoclaves ideal for laboratories undertaking high-volume throughputs or frequently tasked with handling taller and bulkier items.

All Priorclave’s large volume autoclaves are fitted with a hand-wheel closure system for easy and safe opening/closing of the rigid and robust hinged door. Thermal and pressure locks within the wheels prevent the autoclave’s door from being opened prematurely at load temperature above 80°C and pressures above 0.2 bar, thereby preventing potential accidents occurring.

Priorclave’s SMART range is ideal to handle the many demanding sterilising applications within food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, education, healthcare and research laboratories. Faster to heat up and faster to cool down, with a relatively small footprint allowing laborites to have the highest capacity and performance steam autoclaves available. Priorclave SMART range of large chamber autoclaves incorporates many of the popular features as standard, with built-in cooling, freesteaming, drain protection, air-intake filtration, and USB connection as standard.

SMART laboratory autoclaves also incorporate Tactrol®3, a sterilising process controller developed by Priorclave themselves. Tactrol®3 enables users to create simple push-button starts for basic cycles all the way up to complex full feature multi-program sterilising operations with printed records. With an expanded memory the Tactrol® 3 allows labs to program more custom cycles than ever before, each with their own start delays, temperature and pressure ramps, repeats, dwell times, vacuum stages and set points, media warming/ hold temperatures, etc.

All Priorclave’s autoclaves exterior surfaces are treated with an anti-bacterial coating that is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and is highly effective against MRSA, E coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, etc. Helping to keep surfaces sterile for longer and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

More information online: www.priorclave.com

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