• Advanced autosampler redefines laboratory sampling


Advanced autosampler redefines laboratory sampling

Mar 01 2024

In the realm of lab automation, the critical factors of precision, efficiency, and flexibility stand as paramount. TE Instruments’ latest advancement, the Vectra Autosampler, is designed to simplify high-throughput sampling challenges across a spectrum of industries. This cutting-edge autosampler, equipped with innovative technology, aims to assist laboratories, whether in the (Petro)chemical, environmental, or other research sectors, into a new era of efficiency and precision.

Operating on a revolutionary movement principle, the Vectra not only conserves bench space but also provides an expansive and flexible working area. Featuring an integrated high-definition camera, it transcends its role as a basic autosampler to become a visual aid for precise position calibration. The automation of critical processes reduces the margin of operator error, while position feedback and auto-position recovery features ensure reliability and safety by adapting to unexpected changes for a seamlessly efficient workflow.

With a capacity of up to 250 sample positions for standard 2 mL vials and customiszable options, the Vectra is tailored to meet the dynamic demands of high-throughput labs. It incorporates high-performance conditioned trays, each with 50 positions, excelling in providing superior cooling and heating capabilities. These trays are designed to meet diverse temperature requirements, ensuring the integrity of each specimen throughout the sampling process.

The Vectra provides outstanding flexibility in liquid handling, accommodating syringes with volumes spanning from 10 to 250 μL. This adaptability enables researchers to tailor the autosampler to diverse experimental setups, cultivating a dynamic and responsive laboratory environment. With three parking positions for syringe exchange that require no operator intervention, the Vectra guarantees uninterrupted and automated operation, reducing downtime for a smooth and efficient lab workflow.

Integrating seamlessly with TE Instruments' elemental combustion solutions, the Vectra autosampler guarantees full compliance with international test methods across diverse applications. Laboratories aspiring to elevate their capabilities and embrace cutting-edge sampling methodologies can explore the Vectra autosampler from TE Instruments. Uncover the vast possibilities and revolutionise your laboratory with this state-of-the-art solution.

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