• AI Autosampler for Superior GC Workflows
    The new HTA 3000A series liquid GC autosamplers from HTA.


AI Autosampler for Superior GC Workflows

Jun 14 2022

HTA is proud to announce the release of the 3000A series, the new HTA liquid GC autosamplers.

With the release of this new series, HTA have raised autosampler manufacturing up to a level never reached before: new technologies have been introduced to create effective benefits for the customers in terms of usability, speed and reliability.

The 3000A autosampler series has already received a gold award from IBO (Instrument Business Outlook) for industrial design. New stylistic details have been integrated into the instrument: a modern sharpen shape of the front panel, new branding elements and a glossy paint finish. Lab technicians will be impressed by the larger touch screen with enhanced colour depth and view-angle, and a premium ‘tablet-like’ touch experience.

The HTA 3000A liquid GC autosamplers artificial intelligence opens up a world of chromatography automation, bringing new intuitiveness and creating a more natural and fluid user experience. This technology allows the continuous optimisation of workflows, the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies and the creation of an effective real-time connection with service for a superior user experience. Predictive maintenance allows performing maintenance to the equipment only when needed in the amount that is needed. This is achieved by means of auto-diagnostic tools (such as GC septum test and syringe plunger test), while real-time connection with service means that problems are promptly solved, almost before that the user has asked for assistance by means of the QR code.

Due to the new integrated functionalities, the 3000A series provides an unrivalled automation solution for laboratories equipped with next-generation analysers and MS detectors. Sampling and injection method, reducing stress to septa, minimise the contamination of the analyser, while prep-run support have been implemented to reduce carrier gas consumption, saving operation costs and environmental impact.

Let Artificial Intelligence take your idea of automation to a new level: choose an HTA 3000A series Autosampler.

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