• Supreme Performance for Micro Samples


Supreme Performance for Micro Samples

Jan 09 2024

Laboratories need to operate with high levels of precision, efficiency, and reliability. Microbalances support this goal by allowing scientists to weigh very small samples with exceptional accuracy. See how the new XPR3 Microbalance from METTLER TOLEDO is setting new benchmarks in eco-friendly, high-efficiency micro-weighing.

Micro-weighing is an indispensable tool for the modern analytical laboratory, but their limited capacity can also limit the tasks they can tackle.

Are you looking for a highly accurate and sustainable microbalance that offers higher capacity?

Meet the newest member of the XPR microbalance line: the XPR3. The upgraded, 3-gram capacity gives you more options for weighing—like using heavier tare containers—and with its low minimum weight combined with 1-microgram readability, there is no compromise on accuracy. The XPR3 embodies sustainability, and we’re not just talking about its energy-saving standby mode with default 10-minute auto-logout. We designed the XPR3 with responsible supply chain management in mind: manufacturing it in Switzerland, with most components locally sourced. It is the smallest and lightest microbalance on the market, which minimises the energy costs of manufacturing, transportation, and end-of-life recycling.

The XPR3 is also highly efficient with your laboratory resources. The superior load cell weighs even the smallest samples with precision, reducing the amount of sample you need. The small footprint, automatic draft shield, and secondary SmartView terminal let you position the instrument for best efficiency and safety—and the all-around visibility makes cleaning a breeze.

The XPR3’s advanced data handling can upgrade your process efficiency even more. Integrated methods and compatibility with LabX software ensure reliable weighing, data integrity, and traceability. Follow the link below to discover how the XPR3 can redefine accurate and sustainable micro-weighing in your lab.

Learn more about the XPR3 Microbalance

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