• High-performance precision balances for everyday use in laboratories & industry


High-performance precision balances for everyday use in laboratories & industry

Jul 06 2021

From milligram-accurate measurement of small samples to routine weighing in the kilogram range: The robust and intelligently designed OHAUS precision balances stand up to everyday use and make your work easier. With their high-quality construction, large, easy-to-clean weighing pans and a full housing in-use cover, these balances are perfect for use in laboratories, industry and universities. The Adventurer and Explorer families of balances range from precision balances with a readability of 1 mg to balances with a maximum load of 35 kg. Fast stabilisation times even on models without draft shields increase usage efficiency and throughput.

You, the user, come first: fully automatic calibration (AutoCal), easy-to-reach USB slots for wireless data export and programmable motion sensors make your work easier. The latter enable you to perform frequently recurring actions on the Explorer balances without touching them. The four-level user administration of the Explorer family ensures maximum data integrity - ideal if you rely on full traceability.

Your top 3 benefits at a glance:

  1. 1. Hands-free, fast execution of recurring actions thanks to optional programmable infrared sensors
  2. 2. Convenient data transfer even without PC connection thanks to front-mounted USB port
  3. 3. Large, stable weighing pans for large samples and heavy loads from 220 g up to 35 kg, depending on the model

You will find the right balance at OHAUS. Contact us for more information.