• Simple and Reliable HPLC Method


Simple and Reliable HPLC Method

Jun 10 2008

ESA Biosciences, Inc has announced a simple and reliable HPLC method for simultaneous measurement of cations and anions, using its award-winning Corona CAD universal detector. Since positive ions and negative ions are key components of everything from pharmaceuticals to food and
beverages to fine chemicals, analysis of these atoms and molecules is a critical step in product development and QA/QC. The new Corona CAD method improves results for users: it is more efficient than traditional techniques since it measures anions and cations in a single run, and it is also more accurate, reliable and cost-effective. Equally suited to the methods-development laboratory and the factory floor, ESA's Corona CAD system reliably measures compounds, independent of molecular structure, to low-nanogram levels. Charged Aerosol Detection
[CAD] is a robust HPLC detection technology that delivers advanced capabilities to every HPLC-user lab. Besides excellent sensitivity, the Corona CAD shows consistent inter-analyte response independent of chemical structure, enabling quantitation across a range that exceeds four orders of magnitude. This breakthrough detector can effectively analyse a wide diversity of chemical structures and important classes of molecules - from small organic molecules, proteins and peptides, to ions, carbohydrates, lipids, and polymers. The Corona CAD makes methods development, validation, and transfer fast and easy for applications
in the pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer, food and beverage and oil/petrochemical industries.

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