• Optimise your gas supply with F-DGSi generators


Optimise your gas supply with F-DGSi generators

May 07 2024

In today's dynamic laboratory environments, ensuring an efficient gas supply is crucial for seamless workflows and accurate results. Say goodbye to the hassle of cylinder changes and fluctuating purity levels with F-DGSi Generators.

Discover the Nitrogen supply solutions for your LC-MS/MS instruments with the CALYPSO gas generators manufactured by F-DGSi. The CALYPSO Nitrogen generators offer you a choice between Pressure Swing Adsorption and Membrane technologies to meet diverse purity and application requirements.

The modular COSMOS range manufactured by F-DGSi allows your laboratory to combine Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air generation in one compact and stackable solution. Choose from standard or high purity models to suit the gas requirements of your GC instruments.

The multi-gas solutions allow you to produce either Nitrogen and Pure Air for GC, GC-2D, MP-AES & LC-MS applications or Hydrogen and Zero Air for your GC applications using just one generator.

The F-DGSi products provide you with absolute peace of mind as the generators offer you:

  • Convenience - 24/7 production eliminating the need for cylinder changes
  • Constant purity -  gas purity is constant and no extra gas filters are needed
  • Economical solution - low and stable ongoing gas costs
  • Safety – removing the risk of leaks and no long gas lines are required
  • Green solution - no repeated gas deliveries, energy efficiency
  • Efficiency – locating the generator on the bench or on the floor next to the instrument

Don’t buy your gas,  make it.

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