• Revolutionise Your LN2 Supply with CRYOGEN: No More Hassles!

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Revolutionise Your LN2 Supply with CRYOGEN: No More Hassles!

Nov 27 2023

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) is an indispensable resource across diverse industries, from IVF sample preservation to cryotherapy, food packaging, dermatology, and lab applications. However, traditional LN2 supply methods via cylinders or Dewars come with their fair share of challenges, from price fluctuations to dependence on suppliers.

Cutting-edge CRYOGEN: Your Solution to Liquid Nitrogen Woes

Enter CRYOGEN, our cutting-edge range of stand-alone LN2 generators, offering up to 240L/day. With CRYOGEN, bid farewell to the hassle of refilling and supplier dependency. No bulky storage needed, and installation can fit snugly in your premises. Regain control of LN2 production, potentially achieving a rapid ROI, depending on your current LN2 costs.

Unleash Control and Efficiency with CRYOGEN LN2 Generators

What sets F-DGSi apart is our proven technology and innovative features. Utilising PSA Technology for Nitrogen production, our generators deliver drier and purer Nitrogen compared to hollow fibre membranes, which degrade over time. CRYOGEN is available with Helium compressor Air cooled or Water-cooled options, tailored to your needs.

CRYOGEN Advantage: Purity, Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our generators boast touch-screen technology with remote access monitoring, an exclusive feature. Control CRYOGEN remotely, set parameters, monitor activities, and diagnose faults, even in remote or restricted-access locations. Enjoy a wealth of information, from process details to alarms, trend graphs, and service records, unmatched by any other LN2 system.

Join the LN2 Revolution: Choose CRYOGEN for cost saving and safety

CRYOGEN Generators redefine LN2 supply, eliminating ongoing costs, safety concerns of deliveries, and transportation hassles. Your on-site LN2 systems will be among the most advanced and intelligent solutions available.

F-DGSi: Leading the Way in LN2 and Gas Generator Innovation

F-DGSi, a French manufacturer and global leader in gas generators (Hydrogen, Air Zero, Nitrogen) and Liquid Nitrogen generators, caters to various analytical instruments used in laboratories worldwide. Our reliable, high-quality products, combined with French innovation, reduce operating costs, minimise environmental impact, and eliminate bottled gas inconveniences.

Contact Us Today: Unlock the Power of CRYOGEN LN2 Generators

For more information, email us today.

Discover CRYOGEN today and transform your Liquid Nitrogen supply into a seamless, cost-effective, and efficient process.

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