• F-DGSi Generator - A Helium Alternative for GC


F-DGSi Generator - A Helium Alternative for GC

Nov 02 2023

The helium shortage has persisted for years, while helium is an abundant element, it is a finite resource, which means the crisis will continue to worsen. Replace this gas now with generators with unique features!

Alternatives to helium?

To ensure reliable analytical results in GC and GC-MS, a high-quality hydrogen supply is essential. Nitrogen can also be an option for the carrier gas. Instrument manufacturers recommend them.

Which gas generator is right for your GC?

F-DGSi offers a complete range of gas generators. The COSMOS range provides peace of mind by combining safety and robustness for your analyses.

  • Hydrogen generators - 3 models differing by the type of drying of the H2 produced: COSMOS MF.H2 / COSMOS MB.H2 / COSMOS MD.H2
  • Nitrogen generators - 2 models differing by the elimination of hydrocarbons: COSMOS N/ COSMOS ZN2

As the COSMOS range is stackable and modular, many laboratories also include a zero air generator to provide a flame make-up gas. And, for those without compressed air solutions, an air compressor is available to meet all your GC needs.

The benefits?

An F-DGSi generator offers a more cost-effective solution than traditional gas supply sources such as cylinders.

  • Convenient: No gas changes or interruptions.
  • Economical: Low and controlled ongoing gas costs
  • Safe: Eliminates the risk of leaks. The generator indicates its status by a colour code
  • Ecological: No repeated gas deliveries, energy efficiency
  • Maintenance: Remote diagnostics via USB

F-DGSi: A French manufacturer offering complete gas solutions for all analytical applications.

Don't buy your gas, produce it.

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