• How to make your own Liquid Nitrogen, anywhere, anytime?
    How to make your own liquid nitrogen anytime anywhere
  • F-DGSi CRYOGEN SERIES generate liquid nitrogen on-site
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How to make your own Liquid Nitrogen, anywhere, anytime?

Apr 30 2024

Liquid nitrogen finds its applications across a spectrum of industries, from medical and scientific research to food preservation and dermatology. However, reliance on conventional Liquid Nitrogen cylinders or Dewars often presents logistical challenges and financial burdens. The CRYOGEN series of F-DGSi aims to address these issues by offering a liquid nitrogen generator that operates on-site, directly from ambient air.

At the heart of the F-DGSi CRYOGEN system lies the Gifford-McMahon technique, coupled with the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, which facilitates the separation of nitrogen from oxygen. This process ensures the production of high-purity liquid nitrogen, with oxygen levels maintained below 1%. The generated nitrogen gas is then cooled until it liquefies and can be easily dispensed via an insulated cryogenic hose. The cooling of the CRYOGEN is possible either by Air or Water depending on your requirements.

The CRYOGEN system can deliver from 10 L/day up to 240 L/day to meet the needs of most applications requiring liquid nitrogen. Simply connect the unit to a power supply and the system is ready to deliver liquid nitrogen cooled to -196°C (-321°F) at the touch of a button. The generator is controlled using an HMI touch screen to display the process in real time, the dewar liquid level and the nitrogen production generated.

Why would you opt for CRYOGEN?

Beyond the convenience of on-demand production, opting for a liquid nitrogen generator like CRYOGEN offers numerous benefits:

  • High purity liquid nitrogen of 99% (Oxygen < 1%);
  • On-demand liquid nitrogen from 10 to 240 L/day;
  • Automatic monitoring of the low and high liquid nitrogen levels in the internal tank;
  • Remote control of the system and diagnostics analysis;
  • External liquid nitrogen hose to fill the canisters;
  • Intelligent touch screen to access all parameters;
  • Energy saving technology puts the system in economy mode when it is not in use.

F-DGSi is a French manufacturer of gas generators (Hydrogen, Air Zero, Nitrogen) and Liquid Nitrogen generators delivering reliable, high-quality and innovative products to laboratories worldwide.

For laboratories seeking to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity, the CRYOGEN series represents a game-changing solution. To learn more about how F-DGSi can revolutionize your liquid nitrogen supply chain, reach out to us today.

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