• What are the Ins and Outs of a SPE Workflow?
    Gilson provides a broad array of automated SPE products.


What are the Ins and Outs of a SPE Workflow?

May 12 2021

Due to its versatility and efficiency, including the low environmental impact and reduced volume of solvents required, solid phase extraction (SPE) is the preferred method for sample cleanup and trace enrichment for many analytical laboratories. Large application fields, like contaminant isolation from environmental and food matrices, now depend on modern SPE techniques. Additionally, SPE is also popular in drug extraction workflows from biological fluids in forensic labs and the DMPK disciplines.

Commonly, there are four steps involved in an SPE method: conditioning, loading, washing, and eluting. The intent is to simplify complex sample matrices, purify the analytes of interest, fractionate a complex mixture of active compounds, or concentrate any trace levels of analytes. Different strategies and extraction schemes may apply depending on the exact application of the SPE process.

If you’ve developed an SPE workflow using manual applications, it’s possible to automate these methods easily using Gilson extraction instruments and systems. You can optimise your process for greater consistency, improve your regulatory compliance, and reduce human error. Developing an automated SPE solution as part of your analytical workflow allows you to run your workflows unattended. You’ll benefit from greater consistency in your liquid handling and sampling purification processes with continuous optimisation and improvement of the entire SPE workflow.

Gilson provides a broad array of automated SPE products to meet the discussed needs. These include our ASPEC® 271 and ASPEC® 274 Systems, which are best used with our ASPEC® SPE Cartridges. These systems have the capability to handle both small and large sample volumes. This is a key benefit for handling a wide variety of food and beverage matrices along with advanced SPE protocol compliance. These systems provide sample preparation and clean -up of high reproducibility.

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