• The  Revolutionary Reveleris
Flash Chromatography System from  Grace


The Revolutionary Reveleris ™ Flash Chromatography System from Grace

Jun 09 2010

The unique Reveleris™ system is revolutionizing flash chromatography by detecting more and collecting smarter in less time. It is the result of combining Grace’s expertise in silica gel manufacturing and detection technology to create the next generation of flash purification systems.

Patent-pending RevealX™ technology synchronizes light scattering (ELS) and dual UV detection to overcome the limitations of traditional UV based flash which only detects chromophoric components - missing impurities or potential compounds of interest. The Reveleris™ multiple detector signals identify and collect more compounds, including those that are non-chromophoric, while providing real-time indication of a mixture’s relative mass balance. ELS-triggered purifications provide higher quality information for ongoing analyses and assays, giving fewer false positives and false negatives.

The instrument has binary gradient functionality with four solvent selection, extended reservoir capacity and because of the ELS detection, the ability to use UV absorbing solvents.
Developing this new technology posed significant challenges and led to major breakthroughs. For example, it was necessary to develop advanced fluidics for optimal concentrations at diverse flow rates; synchronize detector signals despite varying sample transit times; optimize run parameters from two channels and; design these advanced features into a compact unit that fits conveniently under the fume hood. Control of all instrument parameters is from a single large adjustable 30cm touch screen which swings out of the way, when required, for safe and easy access to solvent reservoirs.
Safety is built into the design with vapor sensors that detect any leaks and shut the instrument down, solvent and waste level sensors so that there is no spillage of flammable solvents and also so that your valuable samples are not lost should you run out of solvent during a run.

The compact single case instrument contains both UV detectors, the ELS detector, fraction collector trays, all pumps and valving for a minimal bench footprint. There is no need for any fiddly external connections or gas supplies. Just plug the instrument into a suitable power socket and it is ready to start detecting and collecting fractions.

New Reveleris™ RFID tagged cartridges streamline instrument operation to save time and reduce costs. These cartridges withstand pressures up to 200psi and have tight particle size distribution to resolve and recover more. Their high loading capacity means that in many cases smaller cartridges can be used which cost less, use less solvent and run faster. They are available in normal phase silica and reversed phase C18 chemistries. The RFID tags also automatically populate major instrument method parameters for fast, easy, optimised separations.

The result is an overall acceleration of the synthetic chemistry development pipeline, allowing companies to bring important new products to market faster.
You can request further information on this revolutionary system online or contact us using the details below.

Email: discoverysciences.UK@grace.com

Telephone: +44 (0)1524 734451

Fax: +44 (0)1524 733599

WebSite: www.discoverysciences.com

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