• Columns and Supplies for Modern Chromatography


Columns and Supplies for Modern Chromatography

Jan 29 2020

Since 1911, MACHEREY-NAGEL represents high quality, innovation, and reliability in analytical chemistry and life science. MN´s expertise in chromatography is based on many years of experience in silica technology. The development of the spherical HPLC silica NUCLEOSIL® and the introduction of commercially available ready-to-use TLC plates and sheets are just two milestones emphasising the pioneering tasks of MN.

‘High Definition’ TLC and HPTLC plates

Nowadays developments of new TLC plates are very rare. However, MN recently developed the SIL HD and Nano-SIL HD glass plates characterised by ‘High Definition’ properties. These include an excellent staining ability, good wettability and abrasion resistance due to an optimised binder system. These TLC and HPTLC plates are available with and without fluorescent indicator.

Highly efficient NUCLEOSHELL® HPLC columns

Based on core-shell technology the new NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl phase extended the column range for fast and efficient HPLC. The separation principle of biphenylpropyl modified silica is determined by π-π and hydrophobic interactions. Thus, it shows an enhanced retention for aromatic and unsaturated substances (e.g., mycotoxins, phthalates, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, DNPH aldehydes).

Polymeric CHROMABOND® SPE phases

MN offers a well-defined portfolio of polymeric SPE phases packed in columns, cartridges and 96-well plates. The hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced polymeric SPE adsorbent CHROMABOND® HLB was especially designed for the enrichment of hydrophilic analytes (e.g., pharmaceuticals, pesticides) from polar matrices like water, blood serum or food. For the extraction of various nonpolar analytes the hydrophobic RP phase CHROMABOND® HR-X has turned out to be ideal. Many applications in the fields of clinical diagnostics, environmental analysis and food were developed. The mixed-mode phases HR-XC, HR-XCW, HR-XA and HR-XAW feature distinct ion exchange and reversed phase properties. They are suitable for extraction of polar or ionic analytes from complex matrices.

Low-bleed OPTIMA® GC columns

The inside of most GC capillary columns is coated with a film of polysiloxanes (e.g., 5, 1301, 1701). Especially the GC columns of earlier generations tend to column bleed at increased temperatures. Due to the integration of silarylene units the bleed could considerably be decreased for the latest generations of polysiloxane coated columns like OPTIMA® 5 MS Accent, 1301 MS, 1701 MS, 35 MS, and 17 MS. Low-bleed and high temperature result in reliable analyses in the fields of, e.g., food, drugs of abuse, environmental analysis.

Headspace screw neck vials and caps

The 10 and 20 mL screw neck vials N 18 from MN with magnetic open or closed top screw caps are designed for usage on GC headspace autosamplers like the CTC Combi PAL® and others. They offer a more convenient, consistent, and safer sealing process compared to crimping.

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