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Columns and Supplies from One Source

Jun 29 2020

As a manufacturer of SPE, HPLC and GC columns as well as TLC plates MACHEREY-NAGEL has grown from a pioneer in chromatography to a full-range supplier of laboratory consumables. With short supply chains MN equips laboratories worldwide in about 150 countries via their well-educated distributors. Own subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, France and the US ensure high quality support for chromatography users in these countries.

Besides innovative developments of HPLC columns like NUCLEODUR® or NUCLEOSHELL®, modern polymeric SPE phases like CHROMABOND® HLB or HR-X and OPTIMA® GC columns, a broad range of supplies are available.

The portfolio contains autosampler vials and caps for HPLC and GC for all common instrument manufacturers, such as Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu and others. It is completed by lab accessories, like vial containers and racks or crimpers / ​decappers. Storage vials for liquid or powdery samples are available as well. A new 20 mm crimp closure with Silicone/PTFE liner (Pharma-Fix) sets a new standard in the GC headspace area. This closure is characterised by high analytical purity and high temperature resistance (-60°C up to 200°C), good penetration properties and excellent sealing.

CHROMAFIL® and CHROMAFIL®â€¯Xtra syringe filters increase the lifetime of columns and equipment by removal of solid particles. Different membranes (e.g., PTFE, RC, Nylon) and pore sizes are used for rapid purification of samples. The innovative H-PTFE (hydrophilized polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane is recommended for polar and nonpolar solutions. It is resistant towards all kinds of solvents as well as acids and bases.

The QuEChERS method has gained a leading position for the determination of pesticide residues in food samples. Dispersive SPE products allow rapid extraction and clean‑up of strongly matrix‑contaminated samples. MN offers many QuEChERS mixtures for sample preparation in various sizes and amounts of adsorbents according to AOAC Standard 2007.1 and EN 15662.

For handling SPE columns and cartridges the product range includes vacuum manifolds, replacement parts, products for protection from cross contamination, and tubing adapters for application of large sample volumes. Furthermore, empty columns and accessories for individual packing of SPE columns with CHROMABOND® adsorbents are available.

Various Flash and LC adsorbents for preparative applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are produced by MN. CHROMABOND® Flash cartridges are the solution for automated preparative purification of compound mixtures. Due to the broad product range irregular and spherical silica phases for liquid chromatography (LC) as well as NUCLEODUR® adsorbents for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) can be selected.

In GC, the volatility of compounds plays a major role. It can be improved with high purity derivatisation reagents from MN (e.g., TMSH, MSTFA, MBTFA). Also a better thermal stability for analytes and a lower limit of detection in gas chromatography applications can be achieved.

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