• PEEK Tubing Cutter
    MicroSolv's Clean-Cut90™ tubing cutter.
  • MicroSolv's Clean-Cut90™ tubing cutter.


PEEK Tubing Cutter

Jun 28 2022

When cutting PEEK or Plastic HPLC tubing, get flat and even 90º cuts. This tubing cutter from MicroSolv Technology Corporation is easy to operate properly. When cut properly, PEEK tubing can be used in critical HPLC applications.

The Clean-Cut90™ can cut 5 different tubing OD's (1/4", 0.15", 1/8", 0.105" and 1/16") and while mainly used for PEEK tubing, other polymeric tubing such as PTFE can be cut as well. The cutting blade of the Clean-Cut90™ has 2 sides, a ‘cutting side’ and a ‘flat side’. It is important to cut the tubing with the flat side facing the tubing you will use. One side will be marked on the tool with an arrow, and this produces the perpendicular cut (90° angle) that you want to use. Be sure this side of the blade is facing the end of the tubing you will use. Simply insert the tubing into the appropriate hole on the side of the cutter and in one swift, downward motion, press the handle to make the cut.

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