• New Module Enables Automated Method Modelling

New Module Enables Automated Method Modelling

May 17 2021

As a significant expansion of DryLab®4’s functionalities the team at Molnár-Institute announces the release of the software’s newest module - the DryLab® Empower Automation.
This module enables automated method modelling on three levels of DryLab’s AQbD-workflow: it creates, performs and retrieves input runs, automates the model’s verification and validates its in-silico robustness assessment. 
The automated and seamless integration between DryLab®4 and Waters Empower equips the chromatographer with an easy-to-use modelling platform. It allows for science-based, flexible decisions in modelling, mitigated risk, improved analytical throughput and a holistic approach to state-of-the-art method development.
The Empower module generates method sets and runs them in the most economic and ecological order, taking into account subsequent equilibration steps. DryLab® then accesses Empower’s data-stream for additional peak-information on peak shapes (Tf, w0.5) and peak names that can be directly used to adjust the model. 
Compliant with the recently introduced ICH Q12 guideline for assessing the robustness of an analytical method the new DryLab® Empower Automation further facilitates the R&D process to reduce time between drug discovery and approval by optimising use of instrumentation and determining the most robust method conditions.
The Empower Automation Module further supports peak tracking using MS data where Waters QDa or SQD2 are used. In simple cases a completely automated peak tracking is possible. In other cases, manual peak tracking is supported by displaying mass spectra for selected peaks or plotting single ion traces over the UV chromatograms.
DryLab® Empower Automation also takes into account Audit Trail settings. Depending on the type of Audit Trail (none, restricted or unrestricted), either a general comment string can be used or the user can select a predefined default string for objects created by DryLab. 
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