• Long Wave NIR TE Cooled Array Spectrometer Now Available in Extended InGaAs


Long Wave NIR TE Cooled Array Spectrometer Now Available in Extended InGaAs

Nov 23 2007

The BTC26xE NIR spectrometers are low cost, high performance back-thinned InGaAs based array spectrometers from B&WTek. With TE cooled linear arrays in 256, 512 or 1024 pixel configurations, the extended InGaAs BTC262E provides high throughput and large dynamic range. The 512 pixel detectors are particularly cost effective, which may encourage those considering 256 pixel versions to upgrade. Further comparisons are available on the Pacer website.

Each compact spectrometer includes an SMA905 fibre optic input, and built-in 16-bit digitiser with 1MHz digitising speed. Integration time is between 1ms and 65.5s with x100 option available. USB 2.0/1.1 plug-and-play PC compatibility is provided, with an optional RS232 interface. Users can choose between high sensitivity and high dynamic range using the acquisition software supplied, which is compatible with Windows 98 (2nd edition), Me, 2000 and XP.

Covering a wavelength range between 900nm and 2200nm, the BTC262E is available with customised spectral resolution and application support. Wavelength accuracy is better than 0.5nm. Specification highlights include 1.5 to >12nm FWHM spectral resolution, based on user requirements. 75-1200 lines/mm gratings are available with a variety of blaze wavelengths. The slit can be from 25 to 400um depending on resolution requirements (slit height is 1000um). A data transfer speed of 3ms per spectrum can be achieved in fast acquisition mode for kinetic studies. Maximum reliability is achieved due to there being no moving parts.

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