• Raman Spectroscopy on the Move


Raman Spectroscopy on the Move

Aug 24 2007

A range of low cost, lightweight miniature Raman spectrometers by B&W Tek is helping more scientists to benefit from using rapid, non-invasive Raman spectroscopy is available through Pacer International Ltd.

Widespread adoption of this technique has been limited due to high instrumentation cost. The MiniRam TM low cost, miniature Raman spectrometer range was developed to address this. MiniRam spectrometers are lightweight and portable, enabling powerful analysis capability to be taken wherever it's needed. The fiber optic probe or plug-in cuvette sampling accessory makes it easy to analyse powders or liquids in bottles, tubes or directly from ponds, streams, etc. If a sample is unstable or cannot be transported, or if your results are time sensitive, MiniRam is the ideal solution.

An ultra-compact footprint is achieved by directly integrating the wavelength selective element onto the laser diode, resulting in stability against environmental change and reduced cost. MiniRam utilises B&W Tek's proprietary CleanlazeTM laser technology a high-power broad-stripe laser diode with its output spectrum narrowed and stabilised using novel external cavity technology. MiniRam delivers reliable, qualitative and quantitative data which can easily be transferred to more sophisticated processing platforms using the interfaces provided.

Easy to carry and simple to operate, MiniRam spectrometers measure a wide variety of organic molecules - including the important C-H stretch region quickly and non-destructively. Applications include analysis of biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and geological materials, food science, monitoring pollution and contamination, and molecular characterisation. Contact Pacer International for more information or to request a demonstration.

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