• Streamline your GC Workflow with Precision Hydrogen SL


Streamline your GC Workflow with Precision Hydrogen SL

Jan 11 2021

Producing hydrogen gas for GC-FID with a hydrogen generator means your lab can have a consistent and dependable source of gas. Peak Scientific’s Precision Hydrogen SL brings convenience to your daily workflow, producing hydrogen gas for GC-FID at the push of a button whilst also eliminating concerns over space limitations, safety or disruptions in gas supply, including those safety concerns and potential supply chain disruptions resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Key Features:

  • 2 models – 100cc and 200cc
  • 99.9995% purity @ 100 psi
  • One-button start-up and shutdown
  • Easy end-user managed servicing
  • Optional auto-water fill or pressurised water fill
  • Auto-shutdown fail-safe feature
  • CE, FCC and CSA compliant
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty
  • Available in black or white

A safer solution

Hydrogen in the lab is always a source of concern. High pressure cylinders can be a risk to lab personnel handling them as well as a large volume of gas that can leak into the lab environment. With Precision Hydrogen SL in your lab, you eliminate these risks. The generator produces gas only on-demand to meet instrument need and stores minimal gas in the instrument (<150mL), with an automatic fail-safe to shut off the generator in event of a leak.

Among the other safety benefits in-house gas generation has to offer, labs operating with Precision Hydrogen SL can eliminate the Covid-19 infection vector of recurring material delivery to site and manual handling of cylinders, with the additional contact touchpoints that incurs. Once installed, lab personnel can operate the unit by themselves without the assistance or supply provision from third parties, thereby limiting contact to their employees. As an equipment fully integrated in a closed lab environment, Precision Hydrogen SL is also easier to sanitise, making sure all your lab equipment maintains the adequate hygiene standard required for all employees to be able to use safely.

The smallest hydrogen generator of its kind

Bulk supply of hydrogen gas for GC-FID can be a great inconvenience when your lab has space limitations. But with a small hydrogen generator such as Precision Hydrogen SL, you no longer have to think about these restrictions inside your lab. Precision Hydrogen SL offers the convenience of a highly compact source of hydrogen gas for FID. As the smallest laboratory-grade hydrogen generator of its class, Precision Hydrogen SL, generating 100cc or 200cc flow of hydrogen gas without compromising space and considerably reducing the lab’s GC-FID gas supply footprint to the bare minimum.

Simplicity to use and maintain

Capable of producing hydrogen gas at 99.9995% purity with a single push of a button, Precision Hydrogen SL has been developed to enhance its usability, with only simple user maintenance needed to replace the proprietary desiccant capsule periodically and once annual de-ioniser cartridge replacement, both of which can be performed in under 60 seconds, without any tools or engineer visits required.

A greener gas supply alternative

Working with Precision Hydrogen SL can be the small change that makes a big difference to your lab’s carbon footprint. Requiring a one-time delivery for installation, with Precision Hydrogen SL you can eliminate future cylinder gas supply deliveries and reduce your lab’s impact on the environment by producing your own gas, on-demand. What is more, unlike with gas cylinders where gases such as hydrogen are extracted using energy-intensive processes, a Precision Hydrogen SL produces hydrogen from de-ionised water – a renewable resource free from the energy consumption required in industrial gas manufacture.

Confidence and peace of mind

As with all Peak Scientific gas generators, Precision Hydrogen SL is designed and engineered to the highest quality standards, fully compliant with all safety standards including CE, FCC and CSA. Providing robust and reliable performance, Precision Hydrogen SL comes backed by Peak Scientific’s industry-leading global technical support and fully comprehensive 2-year manufacturer warranty, giving you uncompromised peace of mind.

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