• Advanced AFM for effortless nanoscale imaging
    The Redux AFM system.
  • 3D scan of skin cells collected with the Redux AFM.

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Advanced AFM for effortless nanoscale imaging

Mar 15 2024

ICSPI, a leader in benchtop nanoscale imaging instruments, unveils its latest innovation, the Redux AFM. This automated atomic force microscope (AFM) is designed to revolutionise nanoscale data collection, empowering scientists and engineers to effortlessly acquire 3-dimensional data with unprecedented ease.

With a mission to expand nanoscale measurement, ICSPI builds upon the success of its nGauge AFM, of which hundreds of units are in operation across over 30 countries. The Redux AFM represents a significant advancement, introducing automation to enhance the user experience of nanoscale imaging.

Traditional AFM instruments often suffer from complex and time-consuming setup processes, rooted in outdated technology from the 1980s. Recognising this challenge, ICSPI pioneered AFM-on-a-chip technology, which forms the foundation of the Redux AFM. By consolidating multiple components onto a single chip, the Redux streamlines nanoscale imaging, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional AFM setup.

Key features of the Redux AFM include: automated setup; laser-free alignment; high throughput; precision sample positioning; large sample platform.

David Morris, Director of Operations at ICSPI, explained: "Legacy AFMs, with their laser-based sensing and finicky silicon probes, are often daunting and time-consuming for users. Our goal with the Redux is to make AFM as fast and intuitive as optical microscopy, enabling scientists and engineers to focus on advancing scientific discovery and technological progress."

Building on the success of the nGauge, the Redux introduces further automation, refining the user experience. Dr Nas Yousefi, Research Specialist at the nanoFAB, University of Alberta, commends the user-friendly design, highlighting the integrated optical microscope and motorised XY stage as valuable features for users.

ICSPI's commitment to innovation has positioned its AFM instruments as essential tools for scientists, engineers, and educators worldwide. By simplifying complex processes and reducing data acquisition times, the Redux AFM opens new avenues for research and development across various fields.

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